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When the Enemy Strikes Chapter 5

Have you ever wondered what it really means…

Hello fellow Bloggers,

Have you ever wonder what it means to have faith to trust God? I am talking about when the situations in life become so complicated it seems unbearable. Have you been in a situation lately that has caused you to dig down deep into the roots of your faith just in hopes of staying the course?
While barely scraping the surface of the book Hebrews, I found that the second generation Christians had a definite cause to feel like quitting and going back to their old ways. By placing their trust in Jesus Christ and accepting the New Testament as a replacement for the Old, they encountered many problems. The Jewish believers were disowned by family members and long-time friend because they couldn’t understand why they would turn to Christianity. In fact, once they accepted Christ, they nearly lost their identity of who they had been.

How does one find the type of faith needed to keep going through the fire every day?
I know several friends who are under the pressure of wanting to quit. Prayer is our weapon to keeping our focus, as well as reading God’s Word.

Any advice?





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“Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely idea until he has something to forgive.”#CSLewis | #MereChristianity

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