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The foundation, a door and a window…thats all that remains…

Wow, so many changes take place in our lives and before we know it our life has changed so much that there isn’t much that remains the same. I recently retired and closed my business due to not being able to continue the line of work that I had done for twenty years due to having neck and back issues, but enough about that because I’m a firm believer that ┬áthis was all due to God’s timing. A time to now work spiritually harder instead of physically harder. God’s work is a lot more fun by the way:)

Why is it that when we are taken out of our comfort zone we begin to get discouraged some days and find it hard to remember that God is always with us? His Word tells us that He never leaves us nor forsakes us. Recently I drove by the building that I used to lease space and operate my skincare and nail care business. To my surprise…it had totally been remodeled and ALL that remained that gave a hint of my existence there was the foundation, door and window… I said this is too profound and I just know that God has a message in this some how for me. So, here I am with my first blog ever. I’m not even sure how all of this works, but I trust that God has a new direction for my life as I set out to find my purpose for Him in 2016. A time in my life like never before. I have always worked by an appointment book that met the needs of others all day long and usually in forty five minute increments…I didn’t have much time for me. I have struggled with the fact that I’m not quite as “in demand” as I used to be, or “needed”, But I am learning how to rest in God’s independence instead of my own. AND Don’t think for a moment that this has been an easy change over…I’ve always heard that as Christians, We must die to our “old” nature and be ready to follow Him whatever the cost. I recently had the thought that while I’ve had some really low days excepting all of the changes, and trying to accept this new way of life, I’ve realized that perhaps this is exactly what dying to the old way of life, Kim’s way of life being totally in control and in charge that I’ve finally come to realize that I’ve honestly mourned it like a death. I look back over the past two years and I’ve experienced all of the emotions that go along with the acceptance and healing from the loss of a loved one…So with this said, I believe that it’s time to allow God to use me to help others in the way that He desires…I’ve mourned it long enough…For faith to trust Him more as I go:)

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