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OK, this is really starting to be fun:)

So wow! Who would’ve thought that blogging would be so much fun:)) I’ve not put anything together as yet because I’ve been playing and learning, but i will get my hat buckled on her in just a bit:)) So many categories,so many thoughts…Ahhh where to begin:))) Prayer…We should always begin and ask where would He have us go…In the meantime, has life ever left you feeling unprepared for the day like my puppy Jack?

Do you ever feel un-prepared for what life brings?

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2 thoughts on “OK, this is really starting to be fun:)

  1. Beth Ann Allen on said:

    I enjoy reading your blog posts daily. They are encouraging.
    Beth Ann

    Liked by 1 person

    • Godsfruitful on said:

      YAY!!!! SO GOOD to see you on here today!!! follow by email so that you can be alerted like your mom did:) God knows how to get His children together again:)))


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