Encouraging others in Christ

Please share where God revealed His Rainbow to you?


Please reveal where God showed you His Rainbow…You never know who’s looking for His PROMISE

Ok, IF your willing, please share your first or many experiences or places that you saw your first rainbow once you understood the Promise. You can also share what thoughts occur when you see a Rainbow:)

This will allow others to see exactly how our God shows up!

My first experience came on a day when visiting the funeral home. It was the first client that I had lost to cancer. As a co-worker and I waited to go inside, We both saw the Rainbow shining through the sun roof of my car, and we knew that God was brightly shining to let us know that He was with us through such a sad time. My client was a Christian, so all was good for her. As Paul says in Philippians 1:21: For to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

A Rainbow usually makes me smile, knowing that God is always with us…

Perhaps, you didn’t know the Promise of the Rainbow, but by reading the most recent blog you will know. Which is a great reference to why I’m blogging in the first place. To help others grow in their knowledge and be encouraged:)


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2 thoughts on “Please share where God revealed His Rainbow to you?

  1. Over the years, so many people have forgotten or just never knew what rainbows mean. Before I accepted Christ and truly got into the Word with the support of other Christians, I had absolutely no clue that a rainbow was so much more than a really pretty optical illusion. I don’t remember completely the first rainbow that I saw after accepting Christ ( I know it was either the day I was saved or the day I was baptized. I’m leaning towards saved because I believe it was through the window where we went to eat that day), but I can safely say now that rainbows are nothing short of a powerful sight. It’s a reminder that God has not forgot us and will not. That He remains true and good. It’s a reminder that He is coming back someday. It’s something of hope and love. God’s promises to us remain true and everlasting. And… Yes, it’s beautiful. And yes, Satan has used it to greatly advance his kingdom, but God uses it to remind us of Him. Even on rainy days, He is there encouraging us with His Truth. Rainbows show up in our lives all the time. Even on days when there isn’t any rain in sight, God still reminds us of His promises to us. I can; however, remember the last rainbow I saw. As a matter of fact, it was on the floor shining through the window one Sunday afternoon after church. 🙂

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  2. Godsfruitful on said:

    Thank you for your reply😊😊
    Great job stepping out to help!


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