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Let’s remember to forgive them that know not what they do!


Don’t let the actions of others take you down a muddy path

Hello and HAPPY Saturday:)
And for the record, I’m aware the ‘s’ on satan should be capitalized, but I don’t like to make him any bigger than he actually ISN’T...sort of like those that mistreat people. Read that again if it didn’t flow 🙂
Do you know that half the battle of defeating satan is outsmarting him? The devil uses God’s Children against each other all of the time. We must stay guarded through prayer.
As Christians, we encounter the wrong behavior just like non-believers do, but I sometimes think when the actions come from our brothers and sisters in Christ it hurts us a little more. I’m not certain if the reason it bothers us is because we, as Christians, are supposed to prioritize our actions toward others, or perhaps it concerns us because it reveals the amount of priority that we hold in our heart for obeying Christ’s commands, or better yet, the lack of it.

Luke 23:34
34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted His raiment and cast lots.

A perfect example for us to follow when mistreated by our brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as anyone who mistreats us. Jesus asked His Father, God, (The most POWERFUL OVER ALL) to forgive the people who were putting him to death-Jewish leaders, Roman politicians, and soldiers, bystanders-and God answered that prayer by opening up the way of salvation even to Jesus’ murderers. The Roman officers and soldiers who witnessed the crucifixion said, “Truly this was the Son of God” (Matthew 27:54). Soon many priests were converted to the Christian faith (Acts 6:7). Jesus could have asked His Father to smite every one of them, including ALL FUTURE people (us), but He didn’t because the Father had a plan just like He does today that includes us.
We must remember that satan uses whomever he can to help discourage anything that will glorify God. Another great example of why it’s important to have our Armour on so we stand against the wiles of the devil at all times.
satan arrogantly hoped to succeed in his rebellion against God by diverting Jesus from His mission and winning His worship. “This world is mine, not God’s,” he was saying, and if you hope to do anything worthwhile here, you better recognize that fact.” Jesus didn’t argue with satan about who owns the world, but He refused to validate satan’s claim by bowing to him.

So, the next time that you are mistreated, just remember that satan is involved in some way by using the ‘unprotected’ person for his gain. Let’s try to be like Jesus, and not argue with them because we know WHO we belong to in Christ. Keep on working for God and not be distracted by others SHORT COMINGS AND LACK OF PRIORITY for GOD.

Let’s pray for those who mistreat us. Holding on to the hurt will only cause us to bow down to satan.

I hope this blog helps the lady who blogged about being so discouraged by the actions of fellow Christians that she wanted to just quit!!! Please don’t let ‘people‘ carry you down a wrong path. You must be doing something right that is causing them to to feel threatened. Our Lord was put to death due to ‘people’ and their need to feel more important and get rid of anything that possibly took the popularity off of them…HANG IN THERE!


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