Encouraging others in Christ


Hello blogging family:)

I hope that you all are well and busy encouraging others in Christ!! You all are a blessing to me and encouraging as well:))

I want to tell you about ‘FRUIT BITES’ !!IMG_7556

A FRUIT BITE is a 2 minute video segment for encouragement. I hope to upload on M W F.

I hope it will encourage others. Sometimes it’s easier to watch than to read, so maybe on the days that you are running short on reading time, you can just listen to the 2 minute FRUIT BITEIMG_7557 and get a BIG BITE of encouragement to help you along in your day!

God Bless you ALL and please continue to keep up the GREAT EFFORTS that you all put forth with encouraging others in Christ!!

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with creating FRUIT BITES. We must be fruitful for Him! 🙂



Kim Mefford


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5 thoughts on “**PLEASE READ**

  1. Victoria York on said:

    Great idea! I don’t blog NEARLY as often as you do (wish I could!), but I’ve also started including videos. I figure they might appeal to some even more than written blogs. Looking forward to viewing your videos!

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  2. Brittany on said:

    Looking forward to more fruit bites 🙂


  3. I love it! I have actually been considering doing something similar as it seems people are more apt to click a video than read something (I have noticed this on social media). Go girl!

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  4. I LOVE this idea and the Fruit Bite posts!

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