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Thank goodness for courage🙂…Amen

Oh for grace and faith to trust Him more🙂

Sometimes we don’t even realize that it’s worry…

Not as a last resort should this be our prayer…

And this is difficult to remember, but TRUE🤔

If you’ve experienced this, can I get an Amen?? Amen 🙂

Look what happens when we DON’T abide in the VINE…

Is this just the simple truth?

Can I get an AMEN?
Quite time with God is so very important🙏🏻🗡🛡❤️🤓😬

Godsfruitful finally has a Facebook page☺️☺️

God sure does guide me along…I’m slow at all of this social media🤔🤓😂

Godsfruitful Kim Mefford

Oh, AND believe :)

imagesDon’t forget to LOOK for GOD today…HE’S EVERYWHERE !!

We have to remember to look!




My first post of this needed edited…devil was working but We got this now…:)


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