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**Something New on Godsfruitful** PLEASE take a moment to read…:)

Hello everyone and long time no write …

I hope that you all are off to a great start this new year:))

This morning while letting Jack, my golden doodle out for his morning routine…He decided to bolt past the green grass and get a lap in for good measure before his breakfast…UH…and through some MUD…

As I was cleaning his paws and telling him how the mud just jumped right on him, and it was a struggle to clean it off…I couldn’t help but think about our Christian walk and how sometimes the ‘mud’, the un-needed dirt of life can get on us without us even making the effort for it to find us…

How do we encounter this ‘mud’ of life you may ask? Sometimes it just comes by the way of a job and co-workers, or sometimes PEOPLE…YES, that’s right…people who sometimes forget their manners…Have you encountered any people that sling a little mud on you while your trying to live a clean and right life for Christ?

Today, I thought that it would be a great new way for some of us bloggers to communicate more and not just read and like others blogs:)) Not that there is anything wrong with that!! We all try and support each other as Christian bloggers, but why not take it a step furthur and communicate a little by having some Q and A blogs…I’ve come to realize that not everyone has someone to encourage them daily and that the quick blogs help but they don’t take the place of communicating…God wants His people to have unity and what better way than participating in questions and answers to help others. We are allowed to go through certain things in life for a reason and you never know who stands in need of your experience and advice… We all need help at some point:)

*My question for today is:

How do you handle a situation in which you feel wronged or rejected by someone? What is your first line of defense?…ok thats two questions :)) lol

Please take a moment to participate…IF you’d rather answer by email that is fine too.

I hope to share questions and answers if they are emailed, but will respect your privacy and will not share names or emails. If you have a question that you’d like to be encouraged with, please ask as well…Let’s work together to help each other:)

I look forward to hearing from you!! Let’s make this year more about friendships!!!img_8418Godsfruitful@aol.com       Kim mefford

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5 thoughts on “**Something New on Godsfruitful** PLEASE take a moment to read…:)

  1. Thank you for sharing your walk of faith and encouraging unity, not division! I attempt the same on my blog. Prior to where I am now on my walk of faith my initial reaction would have been to be angry and then withdraw. Both only harmful to me. Now, I try to listen more than I speak. Now I hope to first pray, and then proceed from there. This accomplishes so much as I know God hears every word of every pray and I do not expect an instant answer. Many times God will guide me to scripture and then I pray again for discernment on how to proceed. Often, this leads to inner reflection and a better understanding. We are so divided….even our denominations. Getting to know the person rather than their ideology is a wonderful place to begin. Not easy to do, yet with God, all things are possible.

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    • Rick, Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Your advice is great!! So true of us to want to get angry because we get hurt and then want to withdraw…And your right it only hurts us in the end. It hinders God’s work that He has for us. Great advice on listening to God and trusting that He hears every word of our prayers. I agree that He will guide us to a scripture that is meant for the exact problem. I think that we have a hard time being still and waiting on God to guide us when we are wronged by someone… I think that your advice will definitely help others. Again, thanks so much for helping!! God Bless!


  2. Given (1) Paul’s lesson about the “thorn in [his] side, a messenger of Satan,” and (2) Jesus’ words regarding John the Baptist questioning Him, “blessed is he who is not offended by Me,” and (3) many personal experiences, I am GRADUALLY learning that it indeed is God sending these people to us for our discipline that we choose to DENY ourselves and follow Christ to the cross, IN ORDER that the r surveyed Lord Himself have more room to live His righteousness through our branches… 😊

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    • Oh AMEN Deanna!! I Thank you for helping out with the Q & A segment on Godsfruitful:) It’s amazing to me that as we go through this earthly walk and encounter all that it brings us, we do tend to grow and mature in our thinking!! Yes, I believe that God puts all people in our path, even the trouble makers:) LOL… Adjusting our attitudes like Joseph did in the well sure will help us to keep our focus…I totally agree as well that “IF’ we will deny ourselves and follow Christ IT will lead to right behavior… WOW, I’m so thankful to have people participating because everyone’s wisdom is so needed. We can’t find this type of advice and support out in the world. Our churches, brother and sisters in Christ need to encourage each others… Thanks again for helping with your great advice:))


  3. Thank you for creating a place of community and fellowship! So needed! And I really appreciated the answers so far! Thanks! I don’t always get this one right, but I try to go to God and to wait before responding until I have. Sometimes that means I don’t even have to respond at all. :). Just forgive or ask forgiveness if I have been too easily offended.


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