Encouraging others in Christ

Q & A # 2 for you faithful followers…

When do we as Christians decide when it’s time to shake the dust from our sandals and pray for someone who just does not like us no matter what we do in trying to show God’s LOVE to them?? 


DON’T be shy…offer up your two cents and advice because you never know who you’ll help along this Christian pathway🌞🌝

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10 thoughts on “Q & A # 2 for you faithful followers…

  1. Stop trying! Let go and Let God! Just let your love for Christ shine, shine, shine thru you around them. God is BIGGER than we are. He can handle what we ourselves can’t.We can’t make someone like us.. Let God have it. The person will see The Love of Christ in you and on your face as well. His Love for us flows from us to others.. Sometimes no matter what we do or say is never enough. God’s Grace is sufficient and enough.

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    • Amen Ginger!!! Thanks for the great words of wisdom…AND TRUTH…God’s Grace is sufficient…That was advice that was given to Paul as well…AND he stay steadfast loving others and teaching and Preaching Christ…AS a wise sweet sister in Christ says ‘heap coals on their heads’🤔🙃❤ THANKS for replying!! GREAT ADVICE!!! Probably made the devil mad, BUT WHATS NEW🤓


  2. It’s key to understand we are to be the woman with the alabaster jar, ministering to the Lord Himself. As we submit to Him and receive the discipline of the Holy Spirit (which is always choosing to deny “self” instead of Christ), THEN He can live His life through us. His will IS accomplished through such servants. We must always DISCERN whether it is self about to react or Christ about to respond in every situation we are faced with.

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    • WONDERFUL ADVICE…so many times ole self jumps in and wants to take over…🙈 BUT Deanna, you have pointed out an important truth…Submit to Him and receive the discipline of the Holy Spirit…which is deny “self” instead of Christ…OH MY, so true …I hope that this finds a lodging place with our readers because it truly is the difference in us adjusting our attitude to the mind of Christ…as you stated, HE can live His life through us as we show His Love…
      So no matter how hard it is for us to show LOVE to the unlovable with the AGAPE self-less and sacrificial LOVE OF GOD, WE can if we will remember this GREAT advice from the servants of God…
      AMEN!!! And thank you for replying and helping others in their walk with our Lord😊❤

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  3. Oh Sister!!! SO true…it’s only by His Grace and Love that we can be convicted and care enough to love and live as His !!!
    Thank you for you great advice and serving to encourage other in HIM!! Amen!🙂❤


  4. As stated in the Lord’s Prayer; “forgive those who sin against us” …..saying the Lord’s Prayer at the start of your daily praying is an excellent reminder that we should include those who bear malice against us….

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    • Oh Ms. Dixie…great advice…so true …by keeping the Word of God in our mind prepares us to have the right attitude toward others…We as Christians, know this but find it hard sometimes to remember and apply🙈 THANK You so much for your advice sweet friend❤


  5. I trust God hears every word of every pray. Pray without ceasing! God will answer in His time and His way! Be assured!


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