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ABOUT: Kim as she’s finding her way:)



WOW! The endless possibilities that God has for people through the world of Blogging.

Kim Mefford had no idea until a helpful blogger stopped by her Godsfruitful site and suggested that Kim adds more information to her brief (by not knowing better) bio. Kim was so thankful that the fellow blogger took the time to make a few suggestions allowing her to realize that there is REAL potential to get very busy for God, more than she could ever have imagined.

Kim is from a small town in Alabama and recently closed her business of Skin and Nail care due to neck/back issues. It didn’t take long for Kim to realize that her small business of 20 years had served her and others more like a small Ministry for God to help her encourage other women, especially the past decade due to Kim accepting Christ into her heart. She glowed with the love of God and couldn’t wait to share the excitement about Him with everyone that came through the door. God had led her to open her own business, and one major perk was being able to talk freely about God. Of course, she kept a delicate balance of professionalism along with networking for Him. Kim met some who told her that the Bible was a fairy tale, and one lady told her that she must be a Bible Literalist, not knowing what that was as a baby Christian, she went home and researched it and turns out the lady was correct! πŸ™‚
Kim recalls the urgency that she began to feel to help others to understand more about Christ. Her clients started to open up to her and seek answers. This was puzzling to her because she had not been “raised in the church” like many of them had been, but she had been digging into God’s Word to learn and grow with a passion since accepting Christ. She soon realized that it was God who had given her that desire to study and help others. Sometimes Kim felt inadequate around other Christians because they had been “raised in church” for years, but there again, another learning lesson came exposing that Spiritual maturity isn’t based on years professed as being a Christian.

Kim had prayed that God would use her daily and in addition to her rising a couple of hours early to study and grabbing her coffee beforehand with the exciting thoughts of “I wonder what God has for me today?” She remembers one particular day, several years ago that she had asked God to give her more time in His word and she prayed that she could have a slower pace daily to enjoy without being so busy at work.
Well, two years later, it looks as if God answered her prayer. Although, at the beginning of retiring, she found herself questioning why God had closed her business. After all, it had served as such a fulfilling ministry for her and many others for years. It wasn’t too long until another ‘learning lesson’ came Kim’s way…She realized that she had been resting in her independence, instead of God’s. Kim was always aware that God was to get the glory for what He had allowed in her small business, but she had never been in the situation that she had now found herself in after retiring and trying to figure it all out as to why God had allowed the doors to close at her business. Kim understands that God will sometimes strip away everything that gives us a false sense of security. She knew it all came from Him, but once it was gone, and everything that she had poured her heart into with hard work, now looked as if she had never existed. And to top it all off, the space that she rented was totally remodeled. She now believes that God wanted her to totally surrender everything that she held dear to her in order for her to be used according to His plan and purpose.
Kim’s guessing after this long read, you wish the fellow blogger didn’t suggest that she give you more details πŸ™‚

Kim is now teaching a small group Bible study and leading Β Women’s Ministry at her Church. She is hopeful to use her free time as a way of encouraging others. The purpose of her blog site is to help others to grow in Christ and be encouraged in Him.

Kim welcomes you to follow along as she finds out what God has in store for her now that she has so much more free time than ever before::::)))))) Her goal is to work SPIRITUALLY HARDER INSTEAD OF PHYSICALLY HARDER…:)

OH, AND Kim has been happily married for going on 27 years to a wonderful and supportive husband. God has blessed them with a loving son and a new puppy Jack:), who appears in a good many of her blogs!IMG_7176


19 thoughts on “ABOUT: Kim as she’s finding her way:)

  1. Hi I just wanted to say thank you for following my blog and for your encouraging comments. I will definitely be following your blog and look forward to the words He puts on your heart to share with others. There are so many different parts to His church and with all or our talents we come together as one in our Lord and Savior. I love everything there is about Jesus and rely daily on His Spirit to direct and guide me. I am thankful though our blogging ministries He has brought us together.

    I do have one thing to share with you about your link to your blog and it may be one reason you are not getting much traffic. Your link on my comment was godsfruitfuldotnet.wordpress.com when I went to it, it said there was no blog with that name. When I took out the “dotnet” it brought me to the blog. You will need to go and make the changes to
    godsfruitful.net so that the link will take people to your blog.

    Thank you again for the follow and may God continue to use you for His glory!

    Deborah Ann

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    • Godsfruitful on said:

      Great, I’m happy to be following your blogs too and excited that you are following mine:) Yes, without the daily encouragement from the Lord, we’d sure be in a terrible and sad place. Thank you for telling me about the sit. I think I’ve been able to f fix it!


  2. One of the beauties in retirement is that we finally get to do those things we’ve wanted to do all these years. Good for you and if you persist, your blog followers will increase. I suggest also that you add a little more info to your “About” tab. When I read new blogs, that’s the first thing I read…Who is writing this? What part of the country or world are they writing from? I love reading about writers who write because it’s one of their God-given gifts. And I learn so much by simply reading their brief bios. Help your readers know you better so they’ll want to stay connected. (A few examples to view are annvoskamp.com, wordsbyandylee.com, deboracoty.com). Best wishes as you continue the grace-sharing!

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    • Thank you for your suggestion:) I am new to blogging. I’m praying for direction and appreciate all the help that I can get:)) I will update my Bio. I was so excited to get started, and didn’t want to bore folks with a long winded read:) I didn’t think about connecting with people all over the world when I started this site. I guess I was just thinking that the people I know would read and maybe a few others, But you are right…I will update it. Thank you again for taking the time to help me. I also invite you to follow my blogs if interested. I believe that supporting others on here is so important as we all are trying to build up His Kingdom:)


    • I’ve updated my bio and thanks again. I want to add some more background photos to it. If you see anything that needs to be tweaked just let me know… I’m learning:)


      • I love the new bio because I could truly feel your passion for and excitement about growing in God. I also am a Bible Literalist and love reading His Word. Each year, our church spends the first two weeks with volunteers signing up for one hour slots to READ ALOUD the Bible from Genesis through Revelation in the sanctuary. Typically, the reader is the only one in the big room, but there is a blessing in being the reader (aloud) and the hearer. And then on Sunday morning, His Presence is so strong in the service that it’s tangible.

        I’m glad you’re sharing, Kim, and I look forward to following where He leads you.

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      • Amen! And thank you. What a wonderful way to start the new year! We may have to start that at my church. Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging me😊❀️


  3. This is such a wonderful testimony of your life and story! Who knew that when you started this blog that it would become such a successful ministry to others. You definitely were called to ministry! It seems to come natural to you. Keep it up! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ»

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  4. I just happened to stumble across your blog today! I am already blessed! Can’t wait to read more!

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  5. Is your dog a Cockapoo by chance? πŸ™‚

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  6. Dear Kim,

    Nice to meet you through wordpress. When we experience Christ, we want to give the share the same to others.. Its a life long journey of knowing him better and sharing him through not just our words but our lives. You are far experienced than me and thanks for following my blog. We will grow together in the Lord by sharing and learning each day.


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    • Amen! I’ve been a Christian since 2006. I wasn’t raised in church but the Lord has given me a real hunger for studying πŸ€”πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜¬ you’re doing a great job for Him too😬❀️

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      • Thank you Kim, Ive been raised by my mom who adheres to orthodox Christian values… But like you rightly said spiritual maturity and being called a christian are two very different things… Ive gone to Church and read the Bible all my life, I can win bible quizzes with great ease, but my journey has been one that has been slowly and steadily improving.. I fall and I rise to be stronger in Christ…

        May the good Lord bless and lead us to him every single day… Thank you for your kind words πŸ™‚

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  7. What a beautiful testimony!

    We have three things in common:

    1) We are sisters in the Lord

    2) We are both southern ladies (I live in Arkansas).

    3) We are both devotional bloggers.


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  8. Dear Kim,

    I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Thanks for your amazing contribution to the blogosphere! https://ufuomaee.com/2016/07/04/blogger-recognition-award/

    Cheers, Ufuoma.


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